Lembaga Pelatihan Kerja Karya Sejahtera Bersama (LPK KSB)

Your Reliable Outsourcing Partner

LPK KSB is a joint ventures between Indonesia and Japan Company which well experienced in the field of Manpower Supplier to Japan, Learning Japanese Course and Japanese Education Consultancy

Our Manpower Supplier Program

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The Reason Why Must Choose KSB

1. Assignment of Person in Charge in Japan

We will communicate intensely with people from both our host institutions and our partner in Japan, so that the program can run smoothly and meet demands

2. Establishment of Representative Office in Japan

We have set up a representative office for departure agencies to create a system that will make receivers agents and companies feel secure.

3. Strategic Location

It is located on main street that connecting Tangerang with Jakarta, and approximately 40 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta International airport.

4. Abundant Resources

There are many local schools around our area and many young peoples interest to working in Japan.

5. High Quality Education

It consists of experienced and certified instructors, and there is also a review by teachers from Japan to improve the quality of education.

6. Full Support

The support provided by KSB is from the beginning to the end of the program. KSB is not only determined to help apprentices get to Japan. But also support after returning to Indonesia such as Independent Business Guidance or Recommending Job Vacancies.

7. Appointed as Official Manpower Supply to Japan

Not All Outsourcing Partner Has a Legal of Agreement by Labor Ministry of Indonesia. LPK KSB appointed as Official Manpower Supply to Japan by Labor Ministry of Indonesia



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